The Energy Globe Award for HEROES

Posted on 21-11-2019 in News. 594 views

HEROES (Himalayan Environmental Rhythm Observation and Evaluation System) has been awarded the National Energy Globe Award and made to the Finalist for the 20th Energy Globe Award held in Espoo, Finland, from 12-13 November, 2019. With the submission of over 2,000 pioneering environmental projects from 187 countries, the 20th Energy Globe World Award is regarded to be an absolute highpoint in the history of the world’s foremost environmental prize. The award ceremony saw presence of prominent political, scientific and economic leaders from across the globe to present the award to the nominees from all over the world in five categories; Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. 

Since 2014, over 2040 students and 150 teachers have successfully participated in the HEROES’ program. It has generated 0.5 million phenology records and 6 years of climate data from areas where there were no previously recorded data. The project also has mainstreamed its monitoring activities in the Environment Science Curriculum of schools, starting from 9th standard to the 12th standard. Through this project, school’s backyard is transformed into a living laboratory to have unique firsthand experiences and glimpses of climate change and its impact on the environment.

While the project promotes skills based climate literacy among youth, its yearly bio-climatic data is expected to provide a critical insight on climate change and its impact on biodiversity of Bhutan.

More details on the 20th Energy Globe Award can be accessed from the link below: