../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/Prmilula.JPG
Flower bud of Primula denticula (Damthang PS): March 13, 2019
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/observation.jpg
Student observing daily phenophase of plants at Sakteng Lower Secondary School
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/Bombac ceiba _flowerbud copy.jpg
Flower bud of Bombax ceiba observed on 4th Dec 2018
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/uploading.jpg
Uploading daily observation data online
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/peachbud.jpg
Peach flower bud observed on 5th Nov 2018 (Galing PS)
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/downloading.jpg
HEROES member downloading data from the HOBO weather station
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/snowfall.jpg
20.5cm depth of first snowfall in UWICER, Bumthang
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/peachflower.jpg
Peach flower observed on 17th Sept 2018
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/Presenters.JPG
The presenters on Phenology Exhibition held on 6th Oct 2018
../bpn/system/gallery/Home Slider/2019/201903181/Exhibition.JPG
Exhibition on plant phenology at Tamgmachu MSS

About Us

HEROES, Himalayan Environmental Rhythm Observation and Evaluation System, is a schools and communities based initiatives to monitor the climate changes and its impact on Himalayan mountain ecosystem.

The Himalayas are one of the most magnificent mountain ranges on the planet. The forests and the watersheds in these mountains support an estimated tenth of the world’s population. As such, in addition to being a storehouse of unique biological diversity and storing a major chunk of the world’s water in the form of ice after the poles, the Himalayas also regulate regional climate and provide crucial eco-system services.

With rapid global warming, mountain ecosystems are increasingly under stress and undergoing profound and unpredictable changes. The Himalayas are no exception. Understanding the drivers and manifestations of such changes will be crucial in helping communities to successfully adapt to climate change in the Himalayas and other mountain regions of the world.

Currently, in the Himalayas, apart from scattered and low resolution meteorological data, there are no systematic systems in place to understand the nature and extent of environmental changes.

As monitoring system, HEROES not only generates a yearly climate and phenology data, but also promotes better understanding and appreciation of climate change and its impact on biodiversity in Bhutan. In addition, it also foster a mechanism to share information among researchers, educator, resource manager and citizens on climate change and its impact.

In total, 21 schools located across the country and representing different ecological zones, are currently involved in HEROES.

HEROES Project - Finalist for Energy Globe World Award 2019 (Youth Category)



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